Page 3-The last of 2015

The last day of 2015 was met with a lot of merriment and indulging in all the vices just so that I could give this up and concentrate on myself in the new year.

Its just like binge eating before you go on your diet.

I am hoping the New Year brings a lot of happiness with it for me and can give me the strength to pursue all my dreams. I wish all of you out there the same.




Who I will look up to in 2016?


Some people say ‘become your own leader’ and some say ‘live your own life’ but for me there are some people who I look up to and whose life inspire me on a daily basis.The reason their lives inspires me is because it gives me the strength to not drop all the balls in my life and to keep going despite difficulties which in my case are usually minor.

I am sure there are many ordinary muggles out there who are equally inspirational and sometimes more but its difficult to know whats going on in their lives due to lack of media attention. So for now I get my inspiration from people whom I can easily google or youtube.

My intention of drawing inspiration from them is purely for my benefits.

so here goes my list and the reasons behind it:

  1. Deepika Padukone:


29 years old Indian film actress, not only is she extremely gorgeous but she started off as a badminton player, followed by a model and finally got into Bollywood.

How I draw my inspiration from her?

She never quits. After starting in the industry in 2007 she had a few flops in the following years and was almost written off. She took all the negative comments from the media and public and worked on herself day and night to now become a number 1 Bollywood actress. From the shy introverted person she was, she has taken up many challenges to become who she is today. Even her major heartbreak and depression couldn’t stop her from moving forward. Another thing I like about her is she really maintains a good body with healthy eating and yoga. She likes being organised and structured and lives almost a structured life.

2: Narendra Modi (NaMo)

Though not a big fan of his political tactics, NaMo the current PM of India lives and extraordinary life.

How do I draw inspiration from him?

Starting off as a tea seller on the streets of India, he was born with an extraordinary soul. Extremely fearless and confident in his ways and decisions, he always had the eye on his goal and he believed in extreme hard work to pursue it.

He begins his day with masala tea, yoga, cardio and food just enough to keep him going. He works 18-20 hours and sleeps for 3-4 hours a day. Contrary to popular belief which asks us to get at least 8 hours a day to function, he works as a PM of a huge country by getting half the sleep. This is because he is highly structured with his life. Having done yoga for years keeps him fit and healthy and eating less and just homemade food keeps him functioning at optimum levels. Also his work is not work for him but passion that he enjoys doing

3: Marie Forleo:



Marie Forleo who runs her own youtube channel and business school, I started following her when I wanted answers to a few personal questions and then saw her video on ‘Q&A Tuesdays’ was then hooked on to her very simple mantras and tweetables.

How I draw inspiration from her?

She more or less follows a structured routine but also she knows what she wants and she goes for it head on, not beating around the bush or looking at other things. She promotes being a ‘No Man’ and finding inspiration from criticism.

4: Kiran Bedi


A tough lady cop in India, she has handled the most atrocious jail system in India. Nobody took her seriously when she first began just because she was a woman but she proved them wrong.

How i draw inspiration from her?

Again, this one too lives a structured life. From a very young age she knew what she wanted and went for it. She did suffer in her personal life but she accepted it as a part of what she does. She never tried to balance something she did not want to balance. She accepted her defeat in her love life whole heartedly and used all her energies in where she thought was needed and wanted to


Page 2- another bad day

Yet another bad day of binge eating, watching TV and sleeping loads. Stomach muscles literally hurt because I have been eating a lot over the christmas break. My body feels heavy and lethargic. I can’t wait to go back to a structured routine of eating, sleeping and exercising. I need to get into this routine now before it is time to go back to work and regret not having a productive christmas break. Going out and meeting people makes it even more difficult to stick to a routine but that is no excuse, I am just getting lazy and before its too late I need to get into a healthy routine for the mind, body and soul.

I am hoping I can start with a bang in the new year. Anyone having a overhaul of lifestyle change over the new year?

The hope of having a new start with a new year keeps me sane.

Page 1:

Just another lazy beginning today, other then working on my new blog and trying to network on the blog, I have been up to no good.

I was meant to go for a walk, study and do some office work but I haven’t done any of this.

I have spend my time being extremely lazy and eating the worse food. I can imagine my arteries filling with Ghee and butter and my cells slowly expanding with fat.

I have been so lazy that I haven’t even completed my office work which I was meant to do 3 days back.

I feel worthless, but I don’t. Tomorrow is a new day and I promise to work hard for the next 6 days and cover up for the lost days

100 Pages of Goals-Part 2

Goal 1: Travel 

S: I will travel to at least one place in Europe  before 07-Apr-2016

M: to book all my travel itineries by Feb 2016

A: to spend 2 hours a week on travel plans in the month of january

R: I will adjust my goal to travel according to other plans but make sure I travel at least in Feb/March/1st week of April

T: by 07-Apr-2015

H: N/A

I: To fulfill my love for travel which I have always had but have been postponing due to various reasons for the last few years. When I see my friends travelling to places it just makes me jealous and I have to make sure I travel to at least one place by 07-Apr-2016


Goal 2: Exam

S: Give and pass my CAPM exam by 29-Feb-2016

M: To feel confident enough to give my exam by 31-Jan-2015

A: revision of chapter 1-5 by 31-Dec-2015 with quiz

chapter 6,7: 1st and 2nd Jan 2016

chapter 8,9: 3rd and 4rth Jan 2016

Revise  chapters 1-9 and quiz by 10th Jan 2016

Chapter 10 and 11 by 17th Jan 2016

Revise chapters 1-11 by 24th Jan 2016 with quiz

Chapter 12 and 13 by 31st Jan 2016

Revise chapters 1-13 with quiz by 14th Feb 2015

Give exam

R: give this first priority and given two weeks of buffer time to make sure I give my exam by 29-Feb-2016

T: by 29-Feb-2016

H: making a habit of studying everyday without fail

I: Will have a big work impact and my seniors will gain confidence in my abilities, also leads to further chance of promotion and I will be free from my exams which has been bothering me for the last two years


Goal 3: Fitness

S: Want to lose 6 kgs in the next 3 months (2 kgs a month) go down from 64 to 58 kgs

M: check my progress by making sure I lose 2 kgs a month

A: workout at the gym 3 days a week not just for the body but also the mind. decrease junk and work towards a healthy diet

R: adjust workout and eating to make sure I lose the 2 kgs

T: by 07-Apr-2016

H: Get into the habit of getting some form of exercise everyday along with at the gym 3 days a week and get into the habit of eating healthy for a good bosy, skin , hair and brain

I: will have a huge impact on how I feel about myself both physically and mentally

Goal 4: Early to bed and early to rise

S: sleep by 11 PM and wake up by 6AM

M: sleep earlier and wake up earlier everyday to make a habit of ideal times.

A: try and finish things earlier to wake up earlier and sleep earlier

R: try and finish things earlier to wake up earlier and sleep earlier

T: by 07-Apr-2016

H: Slowly getting into the habit of waking up and sleeping at the same time

I: will give me a lot more time to fit in exercise, eating healthy and studying for the first 100 days

Goal 5: Blogging

S: working on the blog everyday

M: to make an entry everyday

A: to make an entry everyday

R: make an entry everyday by waking up earlier

T: by 07-Apr-2016

H: get into the habit of writing in the blog everyday in the morning

I: will make an impact by connecting with people on the blog and seeing my progress with the previous day


100 pages of goals-Part 1


Its that time of the year when we create new resolutions for the new year only to break these resolutions after a few days. I don’t want resolutions, I want goals, something which is not black and white but something which shows progress.

Over the span 0f 2015 I have become an expert at setting really strict goals for myself but haven’t been able to stick to these because sometimes they are just too strict to be achieved.

I have made a goal in the past to give up on all junk, but what do you define as junk and what if you crave a bar of chocolate after day 5? Do I not get a bar of chocolate for the rest of my life? Sounds depressing…

Another would be to exercise 5 days a week, but what if I am travelling or ill or just don’t have the energy or time to work out? Do I feel bad and stuff myself with pizza?

Creating the right goals is an art and then sticking to these goals is another art. You need to master these two arts to be success. In other words you need to master the art of creating SMART goals and master the art of Habit. Willpower though sounds beautiful cannot help you to success in the long run.


I have created the 100 pages goals for myself for the next 100 days starting today (read: 29-Dec-2015-07-Apr-2015). This is going to be the 1st quarter of goals for the year which almost automatically makes all my goals time based.

Research has shown that you require at least 30 days of doing something to make it into a habit after which you don’t have to push yourself for doing it. I love the idea where things happen naturally without having to push yourself to do something all the time. So I am going to include the H into my SMART for habits. I am now aiming for SMARTH Goals

SMARTH Goals helps me to achieve the goals once I have set these, but what should these goals be? What is my aim to achieve these goals, why am I working towards these? What if somebody is doing something else which I find interesting, am I going to drop a goal and set a new one?

For me my goals are about making a big impact, something which can inspire people, make me feel more secure, confident in myself and ultimately take me towards happyness. So I now add the I to my SMARTH goals and make them SMARTHI, I being for impact that the goal will have when I accomplish them

What stops us…

What stops us from being happy or from working hard towards achieving it?

I have a lot of friends who tell me happiness belongs to being happy now rather than in the future. Happiness about this very moment and not something that happens in the past or the future. Though I do agree to the concept of living in the moment, I believe this is very loosely used and pretty flawed. All those gurus and spiritual teachers who have talked about living in the moment have worked hard for years to find a way to live in the moment and find a way to live in eternal bliss. They have a very disciplined life and they have made up their minds as to what they want to strive for and the rest doesn’t matter to them. Being truly happy takes a lot of work and introspection. Its about understanding what you want out of life regardless of what others might want and giving then giving it your all to getting there.

The last few years (read 3 years to be precise) have been difficult for me. A lot has changed from what I initially wanted and strive for. My internal path changed. My concepts to life became skewed. I became confused and eventually lost the confidence in myself.

Lets take rejection for example. Rejection can lead to a few reactions.

  1. You could either learn from it and become better
  2. You could just plainly move on with your life after a little pain and choose a different path
  3.  you could become bitter because you think you are better than others

I chose to become bitter (read chose as I believe how you react to life is in your hands) as I believed I was better than others only to realize how wrong I was.

2015 was a year when I actually worked hard on myself (only after a few blows and heartbreaks in 2014). I now want 2016 to be about a lot more hard work, understanding myself and truly going for  what I want and just that. I want to make a pledge starting today to just follow what I truly desire and nothing new in 2016. My actions could change depending on the results but my intentions should remain the same. I want to strive to begin my journey towards happiness.