100 pages of goals-Part 1


Its that time of the year when we create new resolutions for the new year only to break these resolutions after a few days. I don’t want resolutions, I want goals, something which is not black and white but something which shows progress.

Over the span 0f 2015 I have become an expert at setting really strict goals for myself but haven’t been able to stick to these because sometimes they are just too strict to be achieved.

I have made a goal in the past to give up on all junk, but what do you define as junk and what if you crave a bar of chocolate after day 5? Do I not get a bar of chocolate for the rest of my life? Sounds depressing…

Another would be to exercise 5 days a week, but what if I am travelling or ill or just don’t have the energy or time to work out? Do I feel bad and stuff myself with pizza?

Creating the right goals is an art and then sticking to these goals is another art. You need to master these two arts to be success. In other words you need to master the art of creating SMART goals and master the art of Habit. Willpower though sounds beautiful cannot help you to success in the long run.


I have created the 100 pages goals for myself for the next 100 days starting today (read: 29-Dec-2015-07-Apr-2015). This is going to be the 1st quarter of goals for the year which almost automatically makes all my goals time based.

Research has shown that you require at least 30 days of doing something to make it into a habit after which you don’t have to push yourself for doing it. I love the idea where things happen naturally without having to push yourself to do something all the time. So I am going to include the H into my SMART for habits. I am now aiming for SMARTH Goals

SMARTH Goals helps me to achieve the goals once I have set these, but what should these goals be? What is my aim to achieve these goals, why am I working towards these? What if somebody is doing something else which I find interesting, am I going to drop a goal and set a new one?

For me my goals are about making a big impact, something which can inspire people, make me feel more secure, confident in myself and ultimately take me towards happyness. So I now add the I to my SMARTH goals and make them SMARTHI, I being for impact that the goal will have when I accomplish them


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