Who I will look up to in 2016?


Some people say ‘become your own leader’ and some say ‘live your own life’ but for me there are some people who I look up to and whose life inspire me on a daily basis.The reason their lives inspires me is because it gives me the strength to not drop all the balls in my life and to keep going despite difficulties which in my case are usually minor.

I am sure there are many ordinary muggles out there who are equally inspirational and sometimes more but its difficult to know whats going on in their lives due to lack of media attention. So for now I get my inspiration from people whom I can easily google or youtube.

My intention of drawing inspiration from them is purely for my benefits.

so here goes my list and the reasons behind it:

  1. Deepika Padukone:


29 years old Indian film actress, not only is she extremely gorgeous but she started off as a badminton player, followed by a model and finally got into Bollywood.

How I draw my inspiration from her?

She never quits. After starting in the industry in 2007 she had a few flops in the following years and was almost written off. She took all the negative comments from the media and public and worked on herself day and night to now become a number 1 Bollywood actress. From the shy introverted person she was, she has taken up many challenges to become who she is today. Even her major heartbreak and depression couldn’t stop her from moving forward. Another thing I like about her is she really maintains a good body with healthy eating and yoga. She likes being organised and structured and lives almost a structured life.

2: Narendra Modi (NaMo)

Though not a big fan of his political tactics, NaMo the current PM of India lives and extraordinary life.

How do I draw inspiration from him?

Starting off as a tea seller on the streets of India, he was born with an extraordinary soul. Extremely fearless and confident in his ways and decisions, he always had the eye on his goal and he believed in extreme hard work to pursue it.

He begins his day with masala tea, yoga, cardio and food just enough to keep him going. He works 18-20 hours and sleeps for 3-4 hours a day. Contrary to popular belief which asks us to get at least 8 hours a day to function, he works as a PM of a huge country by getting half the sleep. This is because he is highly structured with his life. Having done yoga for years keeps him fit and healthy and eating less and just homemade food keeps him functioning at optimum levels. Also his work is not work for him but passion that he enjoys doing

3: Marie Forleo:



Marie Forleo who runs her own youtube channel and business school, I started following her when I wanted answers to a few personal questions and then saw her video on ‘Q&A Tuesdays’ was then hooked on to her very simple mantras and tweetables.

How I draw inspiration from her?

She more or less follows a structured routine but also she knows what she wants and she goes for it head on, not beating around the bush or looking at other things. She promotes being a ‘No Man’ and finding inspiration from criticism.

4: Kiran Bedi


A tough lady cop in India, she has handled the most atrocious jail system in India. Nobody took her seriously when she first began just because she was a woman but she proved them wrong.

How i draw inspiration from her?

Again, this one too lives a structured life. From a very young age she knew what she wanted and went for it. She did suffer in her personal life but she accepted it as a part of what she does. She never tried to balance something she did not want to balance. She accepted her defeat in her love life whole heartedly and used all her energies in where she thought was needed and wanted to



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