Pages 8, 9 and 10- Planning is just a step

If you see my previous posts, you will notice, I love planning and setting goals. Over the last year I bought many planners, charts,journals,  sharpies, permanent markers and everything under the sun to help me plan. I joined online goal setting website, downloaded apps for goals and habit forming, read books on goals and watched videos. I became a goal setting expert.

What I am now beginning to realise this year is that setting goals though important is just a small step in the whole achieving your goals. What matters even more and is the most difficult part is actually consciously putting effort into doing the things to achieve your goals and doing them consistently on a daily basis. Though this might seem like something already known and I knew this last year too I am just realising the magnanimity of it.

The time after goal setting and before habit forming is the most difficult part and requires a lot of effort and conscious decision making.

I am now making a conscious effort on actioning rather than setting goals and just sitting back and relaxing only to see myself fail over and over again


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