Experiment 1- Breaking- I can never accomplish all the things I want to do in a day

Start: 10-Jan-2016

End: 20-Jan-2016

Over the last year, I have made many daily plans to accomplish everything I would like to accomplish in a day but I have never been successful.

The problem is not that I set myself up for failure. I do make reasonable plans for the day to stick to and give enough buffer time to transition from one task to the next.

My problem is I get distracted, bored or digress from the work at hand to do something new just because my mind things what I have planned to do is not important. I need to break this cycle of not ever accomplishing what I am meant to be accomplishing and breaking the habits of distraction and leaving work unfinished

I will create a timetable for myself for the next 10 days and stick to it without distraction and /or leaving what I am to do for other things unless if it is extremely urgent.

I will then post the results on my experiment


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