What stops us…

What stops us from being happy or from working hard towards achieving it?

I have a lot of friends who tell me happiness belongs to being happy now rather than in the future. Happiness about this very moment and not something that happens in the past or the future. Though I do agree to the concept of living in the moment, I believe this is very loosely used and pretty flawed. All those gurus and spiritual teachers who have talked about living in the moment have worked hard for years to find a way to live in the moment and find a way to live in eternal bliss. They have a very disciplined life and they have made up their minds as to what they want to strive for and the rest doesn’t matter to them. Being truly happy takes a lot of work and introspection. Its about understanding what you want out of life regardless of what others might want and giving then giving it your all to getting there.

The last few years (read 3 years to be precise) have been difficult for me. A lot has changed from what I initially wanted and strive for. My internal path changed. My concepts to life became skewed. I became confused and eventually lost the confidence in myself.

Lets take rejection for example. Rejection can lead to a few reactions.

  1. You could either learn from it and become better
  2. You could just plainly move on with your life after a little pain and choose a different path
  3.  you could become bitter because you think you are better than others

I chose to become bitter (read chose as I believe how you react to life is in your hands) as I believed I was better than others only to realize how wrong I was.

2015 was a year when I actually worked hard on myself (only after a few blows and heartbreaks in 2014). I now want 2016 to be about a lot more hard work, understanding myself and truly going for  what I want and just that. I want to make a pledge starting today to just follow what I truly desire and nothing new in 2016. My actions could change depending on the results but my intentions should remain the same. I want to strive to begin my journey towards happiness.